Supporting the arts – the small town way

This last Saturday night my husband and I attended Jonesfest in Kennan, WI.  The event is the brainchild of a few people in that area who performed in bands when they were younger and felt a need to do something to make sure music education remains alive and well in our rural schools.

We parked our car in a hayfield, walked across a small bridge and down a short dirt road to a cabin in the woods.  Tents were set up to shield from the sun and the dew of the evening, white lights danced overhead, food was served for a donation and beverages sold.  Admission was free.  People scattered the surrounding area with lawn chairs and blankets or sat at tables under the tents.  Beyond the seating a giant bonfired lit the night.  Someone made a “tiki” torch from a hollowed log standing on end.  It was the neatest thing.  A fire was lit below and where the tree once had branches, holes had been drilled.  The fire raced up the inside of the trunk and came out the holes and burst out the top.  It looked like a tree of fire.  A few lucky souls won raffles.

The best part was the local talent displayed.  Five bands, one hour each.  In between people shared jokes and amusing stories.  All proceeds went to the schools music program.  I would guess that nearly 400 people attended.  I cannot commend these people enough.  It’s amazing what a few can do.  Thank you for such an enjoyable evening!!



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