Real Life

I’ve said many times that I enjoy writing romance for the sheer joy of watching characters come to life on the page – and infusing them with nuances of the characters I see around me every day.  In ‘Kissing Livvy’ I was able to take so many influences and apply them to the colorful characters of Butternut Creek.  Livvy is almost purely one person who shall remain nameless.  Jesse is based on two very important men in my life.  They are very similar, yet each one brings something to the character.  Sarah was by far the most fun to write.  Her ascerbic nature was just plain fun because it’s a defense mechanism – she’s truly not that crabby as you see toward the end.  And George – what can I say about good ol’ George?  Meeting him, you will see where Sarah gets her gumption, and that a soft heart does lurk just below the surface, no matter how hard they try to cover it up.  But Livvy and Jesse, opposite personalities for sure, but an attraction so strong that nothing can keep them apart – even the fear of laying your heart wide open for all the reward just waiting in the wings.

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