A Touching Encounter

Recently, on a flight from Chicago to Raleigh-Durham, I had an encounter with someone that gave me so much more than a compliment to my writing.

My husband was sitting two rows up from me and I noticed him chatting with a woman sitting in the window seat.  Just before landing, he turned back to me and announced that she had read my books.  This had never happened to me outside of Wisconsin.  My first reaction was that she had the wrong person, but then it became apparent that she did know me and had read my books.  She was so excited, couldn’t believe she had been visiting with my husband all that time, and over the heads of those passengers between us, thanked me for the hours of enjoyment.  Little did she know how much I needed that boost of encouragement.

Very shortly after, the plane landed.  She and her husband got out before us and disappeared into the throng of travelers pushing through the airport.  Her name was Melinda, my husband told me, and she was on her way to a cruise.  Six months earlier she and her husband had lost their son in an accident in Nashville and the cruise, they were hoping, would help them get their lives back from the tragedy.

As soon as he told me this, I looked for her everywhere we went.  I just wanted to hug her and thank her for the gift of validation she gave me and wish her well.  So Melinda, wherever you are, blessings to you.



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