Finding Lucy (formerly Moonlight Bay) is the edited re-release of Moonlight Bay. It is available now at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Finding Lucy

Certain things annoy Ian Flynn to no end – children, dogs, old women, and a woman with an agenda. He unwittingly places himself smack in the middle of them all. And to make matters worse, Lucy Mitchell’s latest agenda is to rid Butternut Creek of him. Not that it matters. She isn’t going to get her way. But just as he is preparing to allow her to flex her powers of persuasion, a family tragedy turns his world upside down.

Finding Lucy is the first book in the Butternut Creek series.

“A brilliant first novel.” Coffee Time Romance Reviews

“Full of energy, humor and love – a GOOD read.” Long & Short Romance Reviews

Kissing Livvy

After an environmental protest goes awry, Livvy Sherman finds herself abandoned on Jesse Tully’s logging job. Taming the Tully men (and women) proves quite the wild ride, but tame them she must if she is to accomplish her secret agenda.

Jesse’s got his hands full with a struggling business, a cantankerous father, a troubled teenager and a crabby grandma. Now he has this hippy-dippy¬†protester¬†thrown into the mix. What more could go wrong?

Wild Rose Press Author AJ Neust

“A group of ecoterrorists, a young woman searching for the father who abandoned her, and a fierce lumberjack determined to protect the family business, all make up the cast of heartfelt characters in ‘Kissing Livvy.’ Kudos to Ms. Morrison for the beautiful portrayal of the logging industry and for reminding us there are always two sides to every story. ‘Kissing Livvy’ is a must read.”

AJ Nuest, author of “Jezebels wish” (Wild Rose Press)



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  1. Kathy W.

    Hey T,
    Can’t wait to read this one, loved Moonlight Bay. I will be running over to the store first thing Monday morning.

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