About Tess

Twelve Tidbits About Tess Morrison

Still live in the same small town in northern Wisconsin where I was born and raised.

Best gift I ever received from my parents – Jacqueline, Betti, Sandra, and Kathleen.

Favorite childhood memory – traveling to see the relatives in Idaho in the back of our Dad’s pickup – those were the days! (I also know this dates me to before there were laws against this)

Defining moment – My Uncle Chip saved me from drowning just as I was getting ready to walk the slanted bottom toward the ‘light’.

Most embarrassing moment – too many to mention.

Went trick or treating one year and came home with…Tom. One of these days I’ll elaborate on that.

Scariest thing I ever did – attended my first writing workshop! Good thing my sister Sandi pushed me out the door of the car and kept on driving.

Most beautiful sight – seeing the faces of William and Thomas for the very first time.

Flowers grow better for me than vegetables.

Have yet to achieve that most coveted family honor – Bag Toss Champion of the Morrison Family Campout. It will happen…oh, yes it will.

I love to cook and am currently learning to make wine. Actually, I’ve been trying to make wine for so long, and failed, that I think I’m developing a taste for vinegar. Although, the latest batch is a winner!

Call before you come to visit, or you will catch me dancing in the livingroom and singing at the top of my lungs. It’s not pretty.


  1. Jacci

    very nice!!! I’m so proud of you!!

  2. Bobbie Klepac

    I am so excited to read it!! Congratulations!!

  3. Nice website! I hope the new book breaks sales records.

  4. Nancy Oswald-Black

    Congratulations on your writing career and your success! I, too, was born and raised in PF, WI, attended St. Anthony’s/Lincoln High School, then left the area for more schooling, career, am married, etc., but still go home quite often to see my 80+ Mom living in PF. I love the way you have stayed true to your self and have been able to incorporate the colorful characters usually found (and appreciated) in small town(s) and the way that you capture the beauty and nature of the Butternut/Park Falls area into your wonderful books. Keep it up!.., when I get lonely for home, I just read you. Thank you so much and take care.
    Nancy Black

    • Hi Nancy,
      Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m so flattered to be able to give you a piece of home! And yes, this area certainly gives me plenty to work with in the way of colorful characters. I’ve just finished another book, although it’s not a romance. I’m in the process of getting ready to market that one titled ‘The Book of Esther’. I’ve been working on it for about four years now. I do have another romance in the works and hope to finish that soon. Thanks again – you’ve made my day!!


  5. Nancy Oswald-Black

    Keep on writing… you’re terrific!

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